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Witness to a Conflict – When Is It Right to Intervene?

Will God Really Forgive Me?

Have you ever said, “God might forgive some people, but He won’t forgive me”? Sometimes it’s hard to receive God’s grace and forgiveness. Blame, shame, and guilt can distort your thinking. Do you have a hard time receiving forgiveness? June Hunt shares the secret of living guilt free!

Where Do You Find Your True Worth?

We often define our value by our accomplishments, our appearance, our possessions, or our relationships. These are all things that can lift us up … or tear us down just as quickly, but none will satisfy for long. Listen as June Hunt talks about the real solution to discovering your true worth

What’s Good about Suffering?

What Lies beneath Your Anger?

Have you known someone who seems angry almost all the time? Listen as June Hunt talks with a young man about his anger. Through this conversation, you’ll see how anger can take root – and how hurt, fear, and injustice can distort your view of reality.

What Does It Mean to Be Ethical?

Do you base your decision making on what you want? Maybe your decisions are based on popular opinion. As morality continues to decline in our culture, will you be a person of character? Listen as June Hunt encourages us to be the same in the dark as we are in the light.

Turning the Tables on Addiction

No one dreams of growing up and becoming an alcoholic or an addict, yet millions are affected by the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Be assured … there is hope! June Hunt talks with a man who started breaking free but is now back in the cycle of his addiction. Listen as June shares hope and help for overcoming substance abuse.

True Guilt or False Guilt?

Do you know that the guilt you’re feeling could be false guilt? June Hunt tells us that false guilt brings condemnation and feelings of shame, but true guilt leads to positive change and a renewed life. As you listen to June share from her own experience with guilt, you will learn how to recognize and release the false guilt in your life.

There Are No Hopeless Situations

When life brings disappointment, loss, despair, and hopelessness—how do you restore confidence and renew your hope? June Hunt says that having the right anchor is critical and that anchor is found in God’s Word, the Bible. Listen as June assures us that “now is not forever”—and that there is always hope.

The Truth about Boundaries

Fences around a yard, curbs on the street, lines around a football field … these are obvious boundaries. Crossing them comes with consequences. But what about personal boundaries – those limits in your life that cannot, or should not, be crossed by others? June Hunt helps us discover the truth about boundaries and what some people call “tough love.”

The Steady Anchor of Hope

Where is your hope?  When life is uncertain and you find yourself doubting God, where do you turn?  June Hunt says “There are no hopeless situations, only those who have grown hopeless.”  Listen as June connects us to a hope that can be the Anchor of Your Soul.

The Source of True Hope

Hope is much more than a vague emotion – it has the power to change your life. June Hunt tells us that we can have truth in our heads, but if there’s no hope in our hearts, there’s a missing link in our relationship with Jesus. Listen and find out how you can have true and lasting hope.


The Source of True Connection

The coronavirus pandemic has led many to feel alone. Worse, the stress and isolation of it all can intensify the feelings of loneliness. There is hope. Listen as June Hunt helps us navigate the feelings of loneliness and reveals the source of true connection in any circumstance.


The One Who Will Not Reject You

“How can God love me if no one else does?” While others may reject you, God welcomes you with open arms and gladly adopts you as His child. Why would He do this? Listen as June Hunt brings a powerful and healing message: You are accepted!

The Joy Stealer

The Gift of Forgiveness

Have you ever noticed that the word forgive has the little word give in it? While some see forgiveness as something to hold back, the truth is: forgiveness is a gift. It’s a gift to the offender, and it also helps the one offended heal and move forward. Listen as June Hunt helps clear up the confusion over what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not.


The Dos and Don’ts of Disciplining Your Children

Do you feel like you’re not being loving when you correct your children? Are you afraid that disciplining your children will cause your kids to not love you? Listen as June Hunt encourages a young mother in her God-given role as a parent. Discover how boundaries provide security for your children and prepare them for life.

The Challenge of Blending Two Families

Sometimes when a stepparent tries to help a stepchild, things don’t go as expected. June Hunt shows us that sometimes our “help” is not helpful. Listen as one man discovers this truth in a conversation June shares with a live audience.

The Black Filter of Anger

Have you ever been told that you have an anger problem? Maybe your anger simmers, resulting in bitterness. Perhaps you’ve denied your anger at times. June Hunt describes how it is possible to develop a “black filter” as a result of your anger. Learn how you can see anger in a different way.

The 8 Don’ts of Decision Making

Like a jigsaw puzzle, you can’t look at one piece of your life and understand the complete picture. It’s only over time that God’s purposes become more evident. How do we make decisions that accomplish God’s will for our lives? Listen as June Hunt provides biblical principles and practical insight on decision making.

Teenagers and Boundaries- A Tug of War

Stand Up and Stop Bullying

Bullying. It impacts performance in school. It erodes a student’s self-worth. It can lead to anxiety and depression, even suicide. Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment, and you can help. Listen as June Hunt addresses the disturbing trend of bullying and equips us to stand up and stop bullying.

Speaking the Language of Love

How can you restore trust in your marriage? Listen as June Hunt talks with a man who admits to making a decision that negatively impacted his marriage – emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Today’s conversation is about marriage, communication, trust, and moving forward in a way that honors your marriage and God.


Should Christians Have Boundaries?

When you set a boundary and then enforce the consequences when that boundary is broken, you can generally expect people to push back. This can be painful, and it can be easy to give in.  June Hunt gives us a new perspective for standing firm and doing what’s right regardless of the reactions of others.

Saying No to People and Yes to God

Do you feel stuck in a relationship? Does it seem like you’re trying to make it better but it’s just not working? Listen as June Hunt looks at unbalanced relationships and explains the dynamic of a weak person and a strong person. You might be surprised to discover who’s who.

Rise above Bullying and Be a Voice for Change

Can you imagine feeling like you don’t matter? Maybe you can. Maybe a bully has made you feel like you have no value. June Hunt takes us into the minds and hearts of those who have been bullied. Listen and be inspired by one man’s story of bullying and how we can all rise above and be a voice for change!

Resolving Conflict with a Right Heart

Conflict is something many of us try to avoid. But if we avoid conflict, how can resolution take place? Should resolution always take place? Listen as June Hunt shares a personal story about conflict and helps clear up some misconceptions about conflict.

Replacing the Soundtrack of Rejection

If you experienced abuse or heard constant criticism as a child, then you may struggle with thoughts like: I’m not good enough or I can’t do anything right. Listen as June Hunt explains how you can replace the negative soundtrack of rejection with God’s affirming message of unconditional love.

Rejection and the Heart of a Child

One of the hardest things to explain to a child is why a parent has left the family. How can you tell them the truth in a loving way and provide the security they need? June Hunt gives valuable insight into this issue and helps us move forward in the face of rejection.

Preventing the Decay of Delay

Preparing Your Teen for Life

Persevering through Pain

Overcoming the Potholes of Procrastination

Overcoming Differences in a Blended Family

Despite your best intentions, is your marriage suffering under the strain of opposing parenting styles? Learn to unite as a couple and parent as a team for the good of your children and your marriage. June Hunt shares principles from God’s Word to show you how to bridge the differences that often divide a blended family.

Multiplying Life through Mentoring

In the Greek epic, the Odyssey, the hero Odysseus had an elderly friend and advisor. Before Odysseus went to fight the Trojan War, he made his friend the guardian and teacher of his son. Do you know the name of that friend? His name was Mentor. Listen as June Hunt talks to a man about multiplying his life through mentoring.

Moving from Panic to Peace

Misplaced Loyalties

It hurts when a marriage falls apart. But relationships based solely on one’s needs or emotions are often one-sided. Listen as June Hunt coaches a husband through the snares of his unbalanced relationship.

Making the Most of Our Failures

Making Better Decisions

As you face changes in your life, you may find yourself with some important decisions to make – decisions about your family and even decisions about your community. How do you make your decisions? Do you talk it through with someone? Do you look for advice? Do you go with the majority? Listen as June Hunt talks about having a spiritual discernment in your decision making.

Looking at the Potential

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or what your past looks like.When God takes your life and your story, and places you in a relationship to mentor someone else, lives can be changed for the better. Listen as June Hunt looks at mentoring and how to look beyond the fault and see the need.

Living with Hope, Not Defeat

Addiction of any kind offers an initial excitement and high, but those good feelings soon disappear and are replaced with horrible feelings of guilt and shame. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps you trapped in bondage. How do you break the cycle? June Hunt offers hope and a path to victory for all of us as she talks with one young man about his addiction.

Living Alone After Loss … Can I Find Contentment?

Your longing for connection is natural. God placed within each of us a basic need for relationship. When you lose someone you love, it feels like you’ve lost a part of who you are. How can you possibly fill this void? June Hunt gives biblical hope and practical help for living alone and still finding contentment.


Jesus: Man or Messiah?

Is Jesus just a man? Or is He the Son of God – the Savior of the world? Could He be both? What difference do these answers make in your life? Listen as June Hunt talks with a listener about who Jesus is.

Is There an Unpardonable Sin?

Is Jesus Really God?

The face of our neighborhoods is changing. As we see more diverse communities, the different opinions about Jesus become more evident. Was He just a great moral teacher? Was He really God? June Hunt takes us through a discussion about Jesus and how we can know that He is God.

Is Anger a Sin?

Anger. Where does it come from? Is it wrong to be angry? The Bible has a lot to say about anger. Listen as June Hunt looks at some biblical principles on anger and how you can face the fire within.

Hungry for Love? Don’t Fall for Counterfeits!

Everyone experiences loneliness from time to time, but for some, it’s a daily battle. When that lonely feeling starts to surface, it can be easy to fill the void with “less-than-ideal” options. June Hunt gives us direction in finding the real, lasting solution that can lead to contentment.

How To Tackle Bullying

Alone, hopeless, and helpless – these are just a few of the feelings experienced by someone who’s being bullied. June Hunt gives us the opportunity to hear from a family as they tell their story of bullying. Discover how families and schools can address bullying and what you can do to help.

How to Cope at the End of Your Rope

How the Stress of Life Can Bless Your Life

Hope in the Darkness

I should be happy, so why do I feel so bad? Sometimes hopeless thoughts flood your mind despite a rich and meaningful life. Listen as June Hunt discusses the connection between your body and your emotions as she looks at a unique form of depression that affects some women.

Healthy Boundaries in Blended Families

Everyone wants a healthy, happy family. Yet some stepparents and children battle more than they bond. This leaves members of a blended family feeling like the walking wounded. How do you break this painful cycle? June Hunt offers insight into the thoughts and emotions that can sabotage a blended family.

Healthy Boundaries – When Is It Okay Not to Reconcile?

Growing Pains: Common Stages in Blended Families

Blending families can be a complex process. Listen as June Hunt lays out some realistic expectations for blended families as she helps parents navigate the fantasy stage, the factual stage, and the fruitful stage.

God’s Protection for Singles

Do you feel like an outsider because you’re not married or not dating? Do you ever wonder whether there’s something wrong with you? Consider the possibility that God may be keeping you from making a big mistake. Today, June Hunt shares valuable insights from God’s Word on How to Be Single and Satisfied.

God’s Faithfulness in Our Failure

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – Who’s Who?

In our diverse world, it’s evident that not everyone embraces Jesus. For those who do believe in Him, how do you respond to those who don’t? And how do you help your children understand who Jesus is? Listen as June Hunt talks with a young mother who is asking for help in this area

Giving Your Kids the Gift of Independence

Kids are like kites – struggling to become airborne, yet needing the stability of a string. June Hunt says that God designed parents to prepare their “kites” for flight, but some parenting styles can be detrimental to the child’s future. Listen as she gives us biblical hope and help for letting go of harmful parenting practices.

From Procrastination to Motivation

Friend or Parent? Tough Love Equals Firm Boundaries

Freedom from the Prison of Perfection

Listen as June Hunt talks with a young woman who grew up in the glare of an unforgiving spotlight. There was a need to be perfect all the time. Discover God’s desire that everyone understands His message of grace and knows His truth.

Freedom From Addictive Relationships

Why do people stay in dysfunctional relationships? June Hunt discusses unhealthy connections as she talks with a woman who is heartbroken over a recent relationship. Through this conversation, we learn that there is a source of true love.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation – What’s the Difference?

Forgiven-Not Guilty

Do you think God will punish you for the wrongs you’ve done? Do feelings of guilt block your relationship with Him? June Hunt provides biblical hope and practical help that will clear up the confusion about our heavenly Father and shed light on His heart of forgiveness.

Finding Your Way Back When You’ve Lost Hope

Were you ever full of hope yet things just didn’t turn out as you expected? Why? Did you not have enough faith? Is it possible you used an unreliable anchor? Listen as June Hunt shares from God’s Word the importance of having the right Anchor

Finding Hope When Your World Falls Apart

Finding Contentment While Flying Solo

Are you single and sometimes struggle with feelings of loneliness? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about being in a committed relationship? Listen as June Hunt shares biblical truth to help singles get through those times when your thoughts are sabotaging your contentment.

Faithful are the Words of a Friend

God created us with a desire for meaningful connection. One of the keys to this connection is communication. However, there are times when communication includes confrontation. June Hunt asks us to look at how we communicate and confront. Are we fostering connection or creating division?

Facing Step Parent Dilemmas

Intentional or not, divorced parents can react in ways that hurt their children. With exes and stepparents in the mix, conflict and misunderstandings are bound to occur. How can stepparents build loving bridges and still enforce discipline? Listen as June Hunt offers biblical and practical solutions for blended families.

Exposing the Root of Procrastination

Ethics, Integrity and Family

When we make wrong choices, our decisions affect those we love. These poor choices can unravel the trust that’s essential for a healthy relationship. Listen as June Hunt guides a husband toward truth and transformation.


Discover the True Source of Your Worth

Do you believe that your life has value, or do you rely on the acceptance of others for your sense of significance? You’re not alone. It’s painful to feel worthless or rejected. Discover the true source of your worth in this program as June Hunt shares from God’s Word.

Digging Below the Surface of Stress

Conquering the Victim Mentality

Confronting Codependency

We’re familiar with addictions like alcohol, gambling, eating, and shopping. But what about a relationship addiction? Listen as June Hunt unpacks this unhealthy relationship dynamic as she looks at codependency.

Changing the View of Domestic Violence

As more high-profile abuse cases are reported, more people are speaking out against domestic violence. This conversation has helped raise awareness and clearly define abuse. Listen as June Hunt talks with a caller about an abusive relationship and clears up the fact that the Bible never says it’s okay to abuse your spouse.

Changing the Course of a Manipulative Relationship

Are you being manipulated by someone you love? Listen as June Hunt talks with a daughter who’s struggling to honor her mom while living her own life as a wife and mother.

Can You Recognize Domestic Abuse?

Can you identify abuse when it’s happening? Listen as one woman shares how she rationalized, minimized, and even looked past the abuse in her marriage. As she discovered, abusive behavior can be aggressive or passive, physical or psychological … and abusive behavior escalates over time.

Building a Bridge to Your Kids

As a parent, you want to see your children succeed, but it’s easy to cross the line from guiding to actually controlling each step they take. June Hunt shows a father how to refocus his parenting style in order to build a bridge to his kids. It’s a lesson in love you don’t want to miss.


Breaking the Cycle of Bad Habits

Have you ever thought of procrastination as a habit? June Hunt discusses strategies for breaking the habit of procrastination. These strategies can be used to break the cycle of any bad habit that is keeping you in bondage.

Breaking Free from the Cycle of Substance Abuse

Life can be stressful, and many people cope by using mood-altering drugs. They might find temporary relief, but the cycle continues. Why is it so hard to break free from addiction? Find hope for true freedom as June Hunt shares wisdom from God’s Word.

Breaking Free and Embracing Hope

Life has been different for all of us since COVID-19.  If we’re not anchored in the promises of God, unexpected and uncertain times can send us sinking into a sea of hopelessness. Listen as June Hunt helps us navigate some ways we can break free from despair and hopelessness

Boundaries within Families

Families go through seasons of change as children grow up and leave the home. However, if these transitions never take place, there can be problems. How do you address long-term, unhealthy patterns in your family? Learn from one mother’s dilemma as June Hunt talks with her about healthy boundaries.


Being Right or Being Wise – What’s Your Communication Goal?

Do you know that you have a love language? This love language indicates the way you feel loved and appreciated. Listen as June Hunt talks with a daughter who shares how the interaction with her mother brings our the worst in her. It’s a conversation about shifting your focus.

Be Your Own Best Friend Instead of Your Worst Enemy

Have you developed a habit that you thought would help you cope? Do you have a habit that started out as one of life’s little pleasures but now seems impossible to defeat? Listen as June Hunt discusses how you can move from a destructive habit to a life of hope.


Are You Really Willing to Reconcile?

Are You Living … or Just Coping?

Overeating, overspending, repeated destructive relationships … bad habits and addictions are often ways to cope with issues you’d rather not face. How can you break the cycle and begin making healthy choices? June Hunt talks about finding Success in Self-Control.


Are God and Jesus the Same?

As our neighborhoods and cities become more diverse, you may know someone who has questions about Jesus. Listen as June Hunt talks with a man who is asking how Jesus and God can be equal.

Answering Objections to Your Christian Faith

A New Perspective on Being Single

“One day the perfect person will appear and sweep me off my feet. I will be complete, and together we’ll live happily ever after.” Is this the dream you’re holding on to? Are you growing impatient with God’s timing? Gain a new perspective on being single as you listen to June Hunt share biblical hope and practical help.