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Will God Really Forgive Me?

Have you ever said, “God might forgive some people, but He won’t forgive me”? Sometimes it’s hard to receive God’s grace and forgiveness. Blame, shame, and guilt can distort your thinking. Do you have a hard time receiving forgiveness? June Hunt shares the secret of living guilt free!

What Lies beneath Your Anger?

Have you known someone who seems angry almost all the time? Listen as June Hunt talks with a young man about his anger. Through this conversation, you’ll see how anger can take root – and how hurt, fear, and injustice can distort your view of reality.

Turning the Tables on Addiction

No one dreams of growing up and becoming an alcoholic or an addict, yet millions are affected by the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Be assured … there is hope! June Hunt talks with a man who started breaking free but is now back in the cycle of his addiction. Listen as June shares hope and help for overcoming substance abuse.

True Guilt or False Guilt?

Do you know that the guilt you’re feeling could be false guilt? June Hunt tells us that false guilt brings condemnation and feelings of shame, but true guilt leads to positive change and a renewed life. As you listen to June share from her own experience with guilt, you will learn how to recognize and release the false guilt in your life.

The Challenge of Blending Two Families

Sometimes when a stepparent tries to help a stepchild, things don’t go as expected. June Hunt shows us that sometimes our “help” is not helpful. Listen as one man discovers this truth in a conversation June shares with a live audience.

The Black Filter of Anger

Have you ever been told that you have an anger problem? Maybe your anger simmers, resulting in bitterness. Perhaps you’ve denied your anger at times. June Hunt describes how it is possible to develop a “black filter” as a result of your anger. Learn how you can see anger in a different way.

The 8 Don’ts of Decision Making

Like a jigsaw puzzle, you can’t look at one piece of your life and understand the complete picture. It’s only over time that God’s purposes become more evident. How do we make decisions that accomplish God’s will for our lives? Listen as June Hunt provides biblical principles and practical insight on decision making.

Stand Up and Stop Bullying

Bullying. It impacts performance in school. It erodes a student’s self-worth. It can lead to anxiety and depression, even suicide. Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment, and you can help. Listen as June Hunt addresses the disturbing trend of bullying and equips us to stand up and stop bullying.

Saying No to People and Yes to God

Do you feel stuck in a relationship? Does it seem like you’re trying to make it better but it’s just not working? Listen as June Hunt looks at unbalanced relationships and explains the dynamic of a weak person and a strong person. You might be surprised to discover who’s who.

Overcoming Differences in a Blended Family

Despite your best intentions, is your marriage suffering under the strain of opposing parenting styles? Learn to unite as a couple and parent as a team for the good of your children and your marriage. June Hunt shares principles from God’s Word to show you how to bridge the differences that often divide a blended family.

Making Better Decisions

As you face changes in your life, you may find yourself with some important decisions to make – decisions about your family and even decisions about your community. How do you make your decisions? Do you talk it through with someone? Do you look for advice? Do you go with the majority? Listen as June Hunt talks about having a spiritual discernment in your decision making.

Is Anger a Sin?

Anger. Where does it come from? Is it wrong to be angry? The Bible has a lot to say about anger. Listen as June Hunt looks at some biblical principles on anger and how you can face the fire within.

How To Tackle Bullying

Alone, hopeless, and helpless – these are just a few of the feelings experienced by someone who’s being bullied. June Hunt gives us the opportunity to hear from a family as they tell their story of bullying. Discover how families and schools can address bullying and what you can do to help.

Hope in the Darkness

I should be happy, so why do I feel so bad? Sometimes hopeless thoughts flood your mind despite a rich and meaningful life. Listen as June Hunt discusses the connection between your body and your emotions as she looks at a unique form of depression that affects some women.

Healthy Boundaries in Blended Families

Everyone wants a healthy, happy family. Yet some stepparents and children battle more than they bond. This leaves members of a blended family feeling like the walking wounded. How do you break this painful cycle? June Hunt offers insight into the thoughts and emotions that can sabotage a blended family.

Growing Pains: Common Stages in Blended Families

Blending families can be a complex process. Listen as June Hunt lays out some realistic expectations for blended families as she helps parents navigate the fantasy stage, the factual stage, and the fruitful stage.

Freedom From Addictive Relationships

Why do people stay in dysfunctional relationships? June Hunt discusses unhealthy connections as she talks with a woman who is heartbroken over a recent relationship. Through this conversation, we learn that there is a source of true love.

Forgiven-Not Guilty

Do you think God will punish you for the wrongs you’ve done? Do feelings of guilt block your relationship with Him? June Hunt provides biblical hope and practical help that will clear up the confusion about our heavenly Father and shed light on His heart of forgiveness.

Facing Step Parent Dilemmas

Intentional or not, divorced parents can react in ways that hurt their children. With exes and stepparents in the mix, conflict and misunderstandings are bound to occur. How can stepparents build loving bridges and still enforce discipline? Listen as June Hunt offers biblical and practical solutions for blended families.

Confronting Codependency

We’re familiar with addictions like alcohol, gambling, eating, and shopping. But what about a relationship addiction? Listen as June Hunt unpacks this unhealthy relationship dynamic as she looks at codependency.

Changing the View of Domestic Violence

As more high-profile abuse cases are reported, more people are speaking out against domestic violence. This conversation has helped raise awareness and clearly define abuse. Listen as June Hunt talks with a caller about an abusive relationship and clears up the fact that the Bible never says it’s okay to abuse your spouse.

Can You Recognize Domestic Abuse?

Can you identify abuse when it’s happening? Listen as one woman shares how she rationalized, minimized, and even looked past the abuse in her marriage. As she discovered, abusive behavior can be aggressive or passive, physical or psychological … and abusive behavior escalates over time.

Breaking Free from the Cycle of Substance Abuse

Life can be stressful, and many people cope by using mood-altering drugs. They might find temporary relief, but the cycle continues. Why is it so hard to break free from addiction? Find hope for true freedom as June Hunt shares wisdom from God’s Word.

Can you imagine feeling like you don’t matter? Maybe you can. Maybe a bully has made you feel like you have no value. June Hunt takes us into the minds and hearts of those who have been bullied. Listen and be inspired by one man’s story of bullying and how we can all rise above and be a voice for change!

It hurts when a marriage falls apart. But relationships based solely on one’s needs or emotions are often one-sided. Listen as June Hunt coaches a husband through the snares of his unbalanced relationship.